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How to help Swabhimaan NGO.

Sponsoring a school
The cost of running a "one teacher school", for 5 hours daily to impart basic eduation of learning, nationalism, health and good values where 30-70 students will be taught to make them valuable citizens is Rs 15000 yearly for teacher and books copies .

Offering 1-2 rooms in your pemises to open a school
We all have spare rooms in your home , garages, mandir/ gurudwars,industrial buildings, community centers which you can offer to open a school. A teacher will be provided and school, books etc will be provided

Work as a Volunteer
No organisation can work without strong motivated indiiduals If you are a retired personnel or have strong urge to help the poor and create god name, self respect and love you are just the person who can create and look after the health of the school.

Open a school in memory of your dear one
We all have lost our dear one and want good work to be done in her memory so that she/ he is always remembered and the blessings of the people go to the departed soul , opening a school is best solace" Vidya daan, sarwottam daan" is core of Indian mythology.

Retired educationists help swabhimaan-ngo grow
Retired teachers , professors are best people to help gie right and resouceful education. your contribution is most valuable assett to help us in our mission, Join us and help us know how we can povide meaningful and good education in limited resources , your "think tank" and time is most valuable. So join us.

Activities that Volunteers can do: Sports
  • Cricket match / teach them techniques
  • Football match / teach them techniques
  • Outdoor games
Outside the Campus
  • An outing to a park
  • Museum
  • Traffic Park
  • Visit to Punjab Agriculture University (PAU)
  • Railway station, Post office, bank, airport
  • Visit to Temple, Gurduwara
  • Trip to another city by bus / train
  • A short trek
Within the Campus
  • Teaching Songs
  • Magic Tricks
  • Film Show
  • Group games
  • Some songs from cassettes / CDs
  • Solo/Group Dance
  • Theatre
  • Computers
  • Cookery
  • Vocational workshops candle making, cards, paper bags, etc
Within the classroom
  • Lessons with children individually
  • Reading
  • Spelling bee
  • Story telling
  • Drawing and coloring based on a theme
  • Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Quiz
  • Show currencies of different countries
  • Hobbies and collections
  • Craft
  • Pictionary

Below is Form for Volunteers those who want to teach these poor children in their homes or near their homes can apply. Here volunteers can fill his/her information required for suitable job.


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