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'We want to build relevant skill sets to back educational qualifications'

-Siddharth Chaturvedi and Pallavi R Chaturvedi
Co-Directors, AISECT, Bhopal

Listed in the World Bank-IIM (A) joint study as one of the most successful initiatives on Information Communication Technology (ICT) for rural development, AISECT has executed large e-governance, skill development and capacity building projects for the central and state governments. 'My father, along with a few like-minded people, formed AISECT in 1985 with the intent of reaching out to the remotest corner of India to promote ICT-based training,' says Siddharth Chaturvedi, co-director, AISECT.

Today AISECT has emerged as India's leading education, training and services network with over 8,500 centres spread across 27 states and three union territories. AISECT has empowered over a million students in semi-urban and rural areas as well as generated over 10,000 rural entrepreneurs.

Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi says, 'We have established six academies which provide a variety of university-certified undergraduate, post graduate, certificate and diploma courses.' Their aim is to help build relevant skill sets that back educational qualification in competitive markets.

Final destination: AISECT's aim is to establish 15,000 centres within the next five years and enroll more than a million students.
Top picks: In 2012, retail operations, teacher training, computer applications and paramedical courses will be popular choices.

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